3 Methods Professionals Use To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

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While the name bed bugs makes you think that you are only going to be able to get these bugs in your bed, this is definitely not the case. Unfortunately, bed bugs can spread much farther than your bed, such as to your rugs, your furniture, your vehicle, and more. Since bed bugs can spread so easily, it is very important that you make sure you have them completely eradicated if you do happen to have a bed bug infestation. Professionals have different methods for removing bed bugs from different areas, all of which can be very effective. This article is going to discuss 3 methods professionals use to get rid of bed bugs. 

Heat Treatment 

One effective method that bed bug specialists use to get rid of bed bugs is heat treatment. With this method, the specialist is going to heat infected areas of your home to a certain temperature that is lethal to bed bugs. This ensures that all of the bed bugs within your home are killed, and then the specialist will carefully remove them. This method is great because it is very effective, and it is not going to cause any danger to your family or to the environment. 

Steam Treatment 

Another great method that bed bug specialists use for removing bed bugs is a steam cleaner. With the steam treatment method, a bed bug specialist is going to use a steam machine on all of the areas within your home, business, vehicle, etc. where the bed bugs are located or could potentially be located. The steam effectively kills the bed bugs when they come in contact with it, and then the suction power of the machine draws them out. This method is also completely safe for humans and for the environment, which is always a great thing.

Air Duct Cleaning 

Even though you think your bed bugs may be taken care of by cleaning all surfaces where the bed bugs could be, this is not necessarily the case. Bed bugs may also inhabit the air vents. They may also lay some of their eggs in these vents, which will of course turn into more bed bugs. Bed bug specialists are aware of this, so they have an effective method for cleaning out your air ducts. They do this by hooking up a suction hose to the vent and extracting anything that may be inside. This removes all of the bed bugs and eggs, thus stopping them from spreading. 

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