Bed Bugs: Could You Have Them?

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Bed bugs aren't picky about who they choose as targets and nearly any home in any state of the country — especially some larger metro areas — can get an infestation at any time. Bed bugs weren't always an American problem, but now they become an increasingly pesky pest that bed bug control specialists have to eradicate on the regular. 

Bed bugs don't just infiltrate homes: these pests are known to hide out in hotel rooms because the tiny creatures can hitch a ride on an unwitting host and stake claim on a hotel room, waiting for a new victim to check-in. Even if you have never had a bed bug problem in your home before, you may still have them. You can trust a bed bug control specialist to help you take care of your issue; here are signs you may have bed bugs in your home.

You've traveled where bed bugs were present

Have you recently traveled to a hotel where bed bugs were present, or to someone else's home with the same problem? On that same thread, has anyone visited you lately who had bed bugs in their home? Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers and are known to travel from location to location via luggage and stored clothing, so this is likely how you may have gotten bed bugs in your own home.

You've got dirty bedding

Do you have dirty bedding in your home? Are the beds littered with little black or dark brown dots, or have small stains underneath the mattresses? If so, you may have bed bugs, as the dark brown spots can either be dead bed bugs that have been smashed or excrement from the pests themselves. A bed bug control specialist will examine all the bedding in your home and check couches and behind pictures and other items as well to not only locate whether you have bed bugs or not but to also determine just how severe your infestation is.

You've got rashes or sores

Bed bugs nourish themselves via drinking blood from their hosts and often bite their victims on exposed areas like the neck, face, and feet. Too many bites will eventually lead to irritation or pain, such as a rash, sores, or bumpy skin. If you or your loved ones are experiencing irritated skin after resting and other signs of bed bugs are present, this may be the problem you have. Only your bed bug control specialist will know for sure; your bed bug specialist will come up with a treatment plan to help you treat your pest infestation.

For more information, reach out to bed bug control services in an area near you.