Four Signs You Need Rodent Control Services

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Rodents such as rats can be nuisances in your home, as they may chew on your clothes or books. Additionally, rodents can contaminate your food, which can lead to infections. Therefore, you need to invest in rodent control to prevent further breeding of these pests. However, you may not realize that you have a pest problem until there's a heavy rodent infestation in your home. At this point, you may have to spend more money controlling the pests, and eliminating high pest populations may take time. Therefore, you need to identify the signs of pest presence early to take appropriate control measures. Here are the indicators you need rodent control services.

1. Property Damage

Rats love to nibble and chew on objects and may end up destroying your furniture or clothes. As a result, you may encounter great losses from property damage. Additionally, the rodents may chew on your home's wiring, leaving the wires exposed, which is a safety hazard. Therefore, you should be on the lookout for gnaw marks as proof of pest presence. Then, take appropriate rodent control measures to eliminate the rodents and safeguard your property.

2. Droppings and Bad Stench

As the rodents move about your property, they may leave behind some droppings. Typically, the droppings look like rice grains and are dark. If you notice the droppings, that means you have rats in the home, and you need to hire rodent control services. Additionally, the rodents may pee around your home, and the urine produces a strong stench. Therefore, if there's a bad odor emanating from different areas of your home, particularly hidden areas, there's probably a rodent problem you need to address.

3. Weird Pet Behavior

Your pets can also alert you when you have rodents in your home since the animals have sensitive ears that can detect even the slightest movements. For instance, if your dog or cat exhibits some hunting behavior under crawl spaces or furnishings, the pets may be alerting you to a pest's presence. Additionally, your pets may bark or meow uncontrollably while focusing on certain areas. In this case, inspect your home and eliminate the rodents if present.

4. Scratching Sounds

Scratching sounds in the ceiling or walls are another sign that you need rodent control services. Usually, rats and mice are active and exhibit playful behavior, especially at night.  Hence, the rodents may scratch your home's surfaces, resulting in noises.

Signs that you need rodent control services include droppings or a bad odor, scratching sounds, property damage, and weird pet behavior. When you notice these signals, consider involving a rodent control service to eliminate the pests.