What Are You Doing Wrong With Your Mouse Traps?

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Getting rid of a mouse is about more than just setting out a few traps. Mice are smarter than most people realize and you have to stay one step ahead of them if you want to rid your home of the pests. Here are some mouse control mistakes that you should avoid making with your traps.  

Placing the Traps Near Walls

It might seem logical to leave the mouse traps near the walls, but in actuality, you could be inciting the mice to damage your home. The mice travel through and nest in your walls. If you set a trap near the walls that has food or some other bait on it, the mice do not think to go around and find a clear path to the trap. They will chew through your wall to get to the food.  

To avoid the damage from the mice to your walls, try placing the traps in areas that offer a clear path. For instance, you can place the traps in the vents in your home. If you opt for this placement, check the traps consistently so that you can remove any trapped mice as soon as possible.  

Leaving Entry Points Open

No matter how many traps you place around your home, you are fighting a losing battle if you do not seal off the entry points the mice are using. After placing the traps, take the time to look inside and outside your home to determine where the mice are entering. Seal any holes or gaps that you find.  

To seal the holes and gaps, you should use a material that the mice cannot chew or claw their way through. Steel wool is a good option for the gaps. After applying the steel wool, use caulk to further seal it. You should avoid using expanding foam. Mice can eat through the material.  

Using the Wrong Bait

Contrary to popular belief, cheese might not be the best option for bait in a mouse trap. You can likely attract mice better with nutty food products, such as peanut butter. You can even use nest building materials to lure in unsuspecting mice.  

It is important that you do not overload the traps with bait. An overloaded trap is more likely to malfunction. The mice will get a chance to walk off with a nice reward and you will be stuck with empty traps.  

To guarantee an elimination of your mice problem, call in a pest control service. An exterminator can safely remove the mice and provide you with tips from keeping them away in the future.