3 Ways To Deal With Wasps

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Wasps are not like the run of the mill pests you might find outdoors. They are aggressive, destructive, and can be harmful to people and pets. If you are facing a wasp problem, it is important to act quickly to protect everyone and your property. Here are some suggestions for how you can deal with a wasp problem, such as:

Reduce Their Food and Water Sources

Unlike other pests that you might find in outdoors, wasps are attracted to protein and sugar. Events, such as a barbeque, could attract the unwanted pests and lead to attacks from them. You need to reduce the amount of food that the wasps have access to. For instance, cut down on the number of times you barbeque.

As with other pests, wasps need water. They will use any drinking source, including standing pools of water on the ground and in gutters. To lower the wasp population, clean your gutters and look for other water sources in your yard. If you find any, find solutions for eliminating the water.

Get Rid of Nesting Spots

As long as wasps have somewhere to nest, they will be a problem for you. Wasps are not picky when it comes to establishing a home either. They will build a nest in empty spaces behind your siding and even a gap between a window and your home.

To encourage the wasps to keep moving when it is time to settle, carefully inspect your home. Make repairs as necessary to limit the amount of available space for wasps. For instance, you can fix your siding to eliminate gaps that wasps would use.

Call in Professionals

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when dealing with wasps is to attempt to take care of them yourself. Making it difficult for them to want to move in is one thing. Trying to kill the wasps is another. The wasps move quickly and you could be stung several times before you are able to escape.

If you have a wasp infestation, call in a professional. He or she can safely kill the wasps and remove the nest from your home. If the nest is located high in a tree or other significant height from the ground, the pro knows what precautions should be taken to safely take care of the wasps.

He or she can also assess your property to find other ways you can make your home unfriendly to wasps. Contact a pest control service for more information and assistance.