Tips For Eliminating Invading Ants In Your Home And Garden

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If you are having a problem with ants invading your home or garden this summer, then it is time to get rid of them once and for all. If you have been spraying and squishing the ants but they just keep on coming, then these tips will help you eliminate their colonies and keep them away permanently.

Tip: Determine the Species of Ant(s) Colonized on Your Property

There are many different common species of ants that live in the United States. While they may all look the same to you, there are often many varieties living in each area, and determining which ants are causing you problems is key to eliminating them. Species identification is important because some ant species feed on bugs and other ants, some feed on sugars and sweets, while others feed on proteins. Determining the species of ant helps you purchase the right type of pesticide to eliminate them.

Tip: Place Test Substances Out for the Ants to Determine What They Are After

To help determine what the ants in your home and garden are feeding on, the easiest way to do it is to put out some plates with various things on them. For example, set out a plate with some sugar on it, one with a piece of meat, and one with water. Tomorrow, look at each plate and see where all the ants are going. Use this information to purchase an effective ant bait.

Tip: Use Both Dust and Liquid Ant Bait for the Best Results

If you use an ant and roach spray to try and kill the ants you see, then they will quickly return as the colony isn't damaged and sends out new workers looking for food or water. Instead, it is much more effective to use a dust and liquid or gel designed for the ants to carry it back and poison the entire colony's food source. Place dust around baseboards and doors, and place the gel under counters, cabinet doors, and inside of kitchen drawers.  

Call in a Pest Control Professional

If you are unable to determine the species of ant that is invading your home or garden, or if you aren't successful in treating them as a DIY project, then it is time to call in an ant control professional. Pest control professionals are specially trained to identify exactly which species of ant they see and know which pesticide option will best kill them off.