Seen Termites Around Your House? 3 Tips To Get Rid Of Them Before They Do Damage

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If you have been seeing termites around your house, you need to take steps immediately to get rid of them. This is because termites can do a lot of damage to a home. Before they have time to hurt your home, try these three tips to take care of this problem.

Use Termite Baits

A termite bait system can be used to kill termites. This is something you need to hire a professional to do for you. The baits are buried in the ground around the outside of your home. In some cases, baits are placed indoors as well if the contractor knows exactly where the termites are coming in at. 

The bait itself is made of plastic and is in a cylinder shape. The housing has small slits along each side of it for a place for termites to get inside the station. Poison is placed inside the bait station so when the termites enter, they eat the poison and die. 

The company that installs the termite bait stations for you will come out to your home to inspect the station after they have been buried for a certain amount of time.  This is to be sure there is still poison inside of it and to see how many dead termites are inside of it. 

Use a Barrier Treatment

Another way to kill termites is to put a barrier treatment around your home. This should also be done by a professional. The contractor will inject a special type of pesticide around your home. This will put a barrier in the soil which will prevent all termites from getting into your home. 

If any termites try to cross the barrier they will be killed or repelled enough to turn around and go away from your home. This method works very well at keeping termites away from your home. A barrier treatment will not kill a lot of termites however, so it is best to use this along with other methods. 

Hire a Pest Control Company

Because termites are so destructive you should always contact a pest control company to help you. They may be able to install bait stations or barrier treatments for you. If not, they can tell you who to call to get either of these done. Your pest control company will know where to look for termites, such as near wood piles outside your home, and kill them. 

The pest control company will likely spray inside your home, around the outside of your home, under porches and maybe in a crawlspace. They will likely have to come back more than once in order to kill all termites.