Commercial Pest Control Treatments You Might Need To Keep Pests Away From Your Outdoor Dining Area

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If you're expanding your outdoor dining services, you may need additional commercial pest control treatments. You don't want your outdoor guests to be bothered by mosquitoes or flies. Plus, you don't want spiders, roaches, and rodents hanging around the outdoor dining area.

In addition, if you open the door frequently between the outdoor living space and your restaurant, there's a greater risk of outdoor pests getting indoors and becoming a bigger problem. Here are some commercial pest control treatments that might help.

Spray For Roaches And Other Bugs

Spraying the area around the outdoor dining area on a regular basis can help keep roaches and other bugs under control. Your exterminator can advise you on the right frequency based on the environment around your building. Since the dining area is outside, it may not be possible to completely eliminate all the bugs since they often live in mulch and other outdoor areas. However, regular pest control treatments can at least control the number of bugs inside and outside of your restaurant.

Have Mosquito Treatments

Depending on the setup of your outdoor dining area, you might have mosquito misting stations installed at the far end of your lot to control mosquitoes all over your property. If that's not a suitable option, you can have your property sprayed for mosquitoes. The insecticide clings to plants and kills mosquitoes that come in contact with them. You will probably need regular treatments during the warm seasons so mosquitoes stay away. However, a single treatment should last a few weeks.

Trap Or Poison Rats

Your exterminator may set up traps that catch or poison rats so they don't become a problem on your property. The odors from outdoor dining may be enticing to rats that get comfortable crawling around the dining area after you close. By eliminating the rats, you won't have to worry about your guests seeing one while they are dining at your restaurant. The exterminator can set up traps that are out of view, and that won't cause foul odors close to where your customers dine.

Provide Pest Control Advice

A commercial pest control professional can also offer advice on how to make your property less appealing to pests. This might include managing the trash area to control clutter and odors, trimming back plant growth, and keeping the outdoor dining area clean and sanitary. By doing what you can to keep from attracting pests and working with a commercial pest control company, you can have peace of mind your customers dining inside or outside won't encounter pests that give them a bad impression of your restaurant.

For more information, reach out to a commercial pest control service near you.