Seeing Mice Scurrying in Your Laundry Room? Damage They Can Cause and How to Get Them Out

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If you walk into your laundry room and see more than one mouse scurrying across the floor, they can cause you a lot of problems. Also, if you see a few mice, you likely have many more. Below is information on the damage and problems they can cause you, as well as some tips on getting them out. 

Damage and Problems

Mice can chew through drywall, and they often do to build their nests there. This is a safe place for them that people cannot reach. If you have a dryer in your laundry room, they may build a nest under this or any out-of-the-way areas.  Mice need materials to make their nest, which means not only will they tear up drywall, but they will also chew through insulation in the walls. 

Mice will also chew through electrical wiring. This is dangerous because frayed wiring can lead to electrical fires, and these fires can spread quickly throughout a home. Mice also chew through boxes to get to food or food that is wrapped, such as loaves of bread. While they are doing this, they drop urine and feces on everything. This can make people sick if they eat this food. You will likely see feces everywhere from the floor, inside cabinets, and inside drawers. 

Get Them Out

The first thing to try is setting mouse traps in the laundry room. A bait is placed on or in the mouse trap to attract mice. There are different types of traps. One common one used is the snap trap, which is generally inexpensive. Purchase several of them and place them in different areas of the laundry room. Check the traps periodically and remove dead mice immediately. 

There are electronic mouse traps that are more humane than snap traps. When a mouse steps into this kind of trap, they get a high electrical voltage that kills them instantly. These traps do cost more money, however. 

If you continue to see mice or are seeing a lot of them in the traps, you should contact a pest control company. They can determine how the mice are getting in so you can take care of these areas. They also have traps they use to either kill the mice or catch them and then release them in another area. 

Pest control or rodent treatment service professionals can give you tips on preventing future mice infestations. Reach out to a local company to learn more.