3 Reasons Even Brand New Homes Need Pest Control Treatments

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If you've had your new home built and you've just moved in or are about to move in, you might think you are going to be safe from pests for a while. However, you don't want to make this assumption, or you might be in for a big surprise. This article will go over some of the reasons why it's so important for you to start working with a pest control company on preventative pest control treatments from the start. Here are three reasons why you need pest control treatments regularly in and around your home from the start: 

1: The land clearing will have pests looking for replacement homes

Once you have had your new home built, keep in mind that you have had the land all cleared recently. This means that all the trees and shrubbery that was once on the land and acting as the homes to pests has been removed. Now, those pests are still on the land, only now they are without their nests or homes. This can cause them to start looking at the new structure on the land that's replaced their shelter. It may not take long at all for the pests to start finding ways into your home as they look for a new place to build their nests. Soon, you can even end up with a full-blown infestation in your brand-new home. 

2: The removal of resources will have pests hungry and thirsty

Along with removing the things growing on the land when it was cleared, any other debris and trash will have also been cleaned up. Now, instead of containers holding rain water and fast food wrappers that blew on the land with food in them, there's no food or water outside the house. This is one more reason why the pests may really want to get inside the house. When you have a pest control company come treat the property and the home, you can prevent these pests from being able to make it inside your home where they can cause problems for you. 

3: The appearance of resources can be a calling card to pests from all around

It won't only be the pests that have been on your property you will need to watch out for. You will also want to protect your home from pests that can end up traveling onto the land or being brought there in supplies, furniture, etc. Routine pest control treatments will continue to get rid of pests as they show up on the property.

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