Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants ASAP

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You want to make sure that your house is as secure and strong as possible. One way to do that is to eliminate any insects that could damage your house, including carpenter ants. These ants can tunnel into the wood of your home, eating away at it and weakening your house. If you are worried about carpenter ants, you should call an exterminator to check out your house and help you remove them.

Signs of Carpenter Ants

The signs that you might have carpenter ants are very similar to the signs that you may have termites. You can hear a rustling sound in your walls and you can see sawdust piles and swarmer wings. These can also be signs of termites. However, carpenter ants are larger than termites, so you can see them easily if they are out of their nests. You may see long ant trails because carpenter ants are known to travel long distances to get their food. 

Controlling the Ants

There are several ways that you can control carpenter ants. The best way is for you to call an exterminator. They will check to see if you do have carpenter ants or if they are termites. The exterminator needs to know what kind of insects they are to treat your house appropriately. When the exterminator is positive about what sort of pests are infesting your house, they can create a plan to get rid of them. There are things that you can do that will help control the ants. 

Diatomaceous Earth

DE is a finely ground powder. It has the consistency and feel of flour. The DE itself is the fossilized remains of tiny creatures called diatoms. One of the best things about diatomaceous earth is that it is non-toxic and isn't harmful to you, your kids, and your pets, as long as you get food-grade DE. However, it isn't harmless to the ants. It gets into their exoskeleton, dries the ant from the inside, and kills them. The ants will track the DE back into their nest and help destroy all the other ants. Sprinkle the DE in places where you see the ants. That will give you the best chance of the ants being affected by it. 

If you have carpenter ants, you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. The best way to do it is to call an exterminator and have them handle the problem. 

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