3 Mosquito Prevention Tips

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Preventing mosquitoes is important in controlling the population of these pests around your yard. If you have an issue with mosquitoes, in your yard, it can prevent you from being able to enjoy your time outside. You've probably spent a lot of money making your yard your very own oasis, and if you have a mosquito problem, it can make it seem like a waste of money. Preventing mosquitoes is something you can do, but you need to keep up with these tasks throughout the warmer weather months. Read on for some tips that can help you.

1. Clear Out Standing Water

Standing water can be a lure for these pests. If you have a lot of standing water, these pests may be attracted to your yard in order to lay their eggs. If you have standing water in pots, plants, low spots in your yard, bird baths, or ponds, you need to either clear out the standing water, or you need to add pumps to help move the water around to prevent the mosquitoes from being able to lay their eggs. Fill in low spots around your yard and remove pots to prevent them from holding water as well.

2. Keep Your Lawn Trimmed

If you have long grass around your yard, it may be able to hold water more than a yard that is trimmed. Keep your lawn trimmed to prevent mosquitoes and other pests from invading your space. Other tall grasses can also cause water to accumulate, so remove tall grasses or weeds and keep your lawn trimmed. Other pests may also be attracted to your yard if it's not well-kept.

3. Spray Your Yard

Use a mosquito spray or fog in your yard to help deplete the population of these pests in your yard. Use the spray or the fog according to the manufacturer's instructions. Don't spray around small children, pets, or those with breathing problems. Use the pesticide prior to going outside or entertaining outside to help keep the population of these pests at bay.

If you have an issue with mosquitoes in your yard, there are things you can do to prevent and treat them. If you continue to have an issue, hire a professional exterminator to help you get this problem under control and to offer other tips to help you with this pest problem so you can enjoy your yard again without slapping at mosquitoes.

For more information on mosquito prevention, contact a professional near you.